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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Two

Sunny and chilly, but not nearly as cold as Opening Day.
Instead of wearing the new uniforms from Opening Day -- which are probably Throwback Thursday uniforms now that I think of it -- we were back to the same old "we used to be the Blue Jays Triple A Team" jerseys. Too bad. The rest of the stadium experience has been freshened up. I wish the everyday uniforms would be, too. I guess there's only so much money.

The jersey raffle was for Carlos Maldonado's Throwback Thursday jersey from last season. I really really wanted it. So did Sandee. We both spent way too much money on raffle tickets. Our odds were good, because there was practically no one at the stadium. Even so, we didn't win. We're Carlos's biggest fans, and we couldn't win his jersey.

Between innings we heard snatches of the Electric Slide and the Macarena. Too funny.

The Bryce Harper Report:
2nd inning - struck out
4th inning - blooped out
7th inning - popped out
9th inning - singled, but then forced out at 2nd when next batter singled.
We are still not impressed with his fielding.

Yesterday's Federal Baseball blog was all about the Chief's game.

The Taco Bell K-Man struck out in the 8th.

Chris McConnell is also back with the team. I forgot to list him in the Opening Day Blog.

There were many jokes about five of us in the row wearing our Skychiefs jackets. And about the Opening Day Bunting hanging in front of TV Stevie & me. John Simone promised he'd keep it up for us until Monday.

Sandee & Anthony bought burgers from the new food scene. Said they were awesome. I should have taken a photo of them, but forgot to. I will get back into the swing of things as the season progresses.

We did call out to Carlos Maldonado several times when was on his way back to the dugout after warming up the pitcher, but he couldn't hear us.

We got to see Atahualpa Severino and Josh Wilkie pitch.

Josh Wilkie Warming Up
 Funny quote of the day: This came from behind us. Two men were on base. Tyler Moore was at bat. A home run could have tied the score. "I'll give you my taco if you hit a home run!"

And now for the shocker of the game: I wanted to vote for Corey Brown as player of the game. (Unfortunately, there were no ballots available. I asked the interns to please pass on the request).
Yes, you read that correctly.


Corey was the lead off hitter. He hit a single his first at-bat. He made a spectacular catch in right field (his new position now that Harper has taken over center).

Total over all: Corey at 4 at-bats, three hits (including a stand-up triple) and scored the Chiefs only run when Seth Bynum doubled. I don't know why Federal Baseball says Corey was 2 for 3 with 2 singles. They're wrong. I was there. I even took a photo.

Corey Brown stand-up triple in the 8th inning.

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