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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Empire Strikes Back: 10 - 0

Sunny and cold. It could be worse. It could be snowing. Been there, done that.

Tonight's uniforms were weekend red; the jersey raffle was Henry Rodriguez Throwback Thursday. Rodriquez pitched for the Nats today. Yesterday's player of the game was Yuneski Maya (I voted for him!)

The Easter Bunny threw out the first pitch tonight.
Catcher Jhonatan Solano helping Easter Bunny off the field
The pitcher was John Lannan, who's been in the news lately because he's not happy the mother ship jettisoned him to Triple A.
John Lannon
He lasted two innings in Syracuse, leaving with the score 5 - 0, Scranton.

The Bryce Harper Report:
2nd inning - grounded to second
5th inning - out at first
7th inning - popped to center
9th inning - popped to left

The Corey Brown Report:
1st inning - out at first
4th inning - walked
6th inning - struck out
8th inning - hit by pitch

It was not a good night. I couldn't even think of anyone to name player of the game. Maybe Eric Arneson who came in to pitch in the 3rd. 

Rafael Martin came in for the Chiefs in the seventh, and it was ugly. Cory Vanallen came in after Martin's eighth batter. It was an ugly, ugly inning. Maven heard me calling to "Cory" and asked if Corey Brown was pitching. I guess that scared him. It would also explain 11 batters in one inning.

The famous Eric Cohen finally arrived at the stadium this season. The entire 207 Row One gang was there, too. And Crazy Fan Man showed up for his first game. "If they don't swing at it it's not a strike, right?" "Around the horn, baby." "Come on, Red!" 

The bunting was down. I said something to John Simone promising me that the windbreak would be in place until Monday. He explained that it's supposed to rain tonight, and we don't want to desecrate the flag. That explanation works for me.

Scariest moment of the game: Scranton's catcher went head first over the railing and into the visitors' dugout chasing down a foul ball. 

Corey Brown played center today, while Bryce Harper took right. They conferred during a pitching change.
Brown & Harper returning to position after pitching change
The best part of the game? It's a tie.

Carlos Maldonado waved to us in the eighth inning. He had been warming up pitchers in the bullpen and was returning to the dugout during a break in the action.

I went shopping during the top of the fourth. I've been looking for a hoodie, but couldn't find an affordable (for me) one that had a decent logo on it. Steve found me one last night. The choices were navy or ash. I loathe ash. Fortunately, the navy was in my size. And it was bundled with a t-shirt. It's not exactly a Chiefs hoody, but it's more current than my Skychiefs jacket.

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