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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food, Glorious Food and Other Tid Bits

First item: Chris Marrero has torn his hamstring and is expected to miss the first part of spring training.

Second item: A couple of weeks ago, there was an article in the local paper recapping the Chiefs annual shareholder's meeting. Lots of good things ahead.

Chiefs paid off a loan they've been paying on since 1996.

The 10 games that Scranton Wilkes-Barre will be playing "at home" at Alliance Bank Stadium (while PNC Filed is being refurbished) will be included as bonus games at no extra cost for season ticket holders. YAY!

How about a new, state-of-the-art scoreboard?  If you don't think this is needed, please revisit the October 30th installment of this blog. Looks like it's going to happen.

The Chiefs have also entered into a partnership with Syracuse University's College of Sport and Human Dynamics. The purpose? Researching how to "increase attendance and improve overall fan experience". They could have just asked us. We have lots of ideas (none of which include tossing ice cream sandwiches into the stands).

Finally, Center Plate is out as the concessionaires, and Ovation Food Services is in. This is the same company that handles concessions at Rochester's Frontier Field. TV Stevie spoke to Jim from Center Plate at tonight's Syracuse University Basketball game. Jim seems to be OK with losing the Chief's account.

 This could be good, although I wouldn't want to lose Dinosaur BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. There are just some nights when a gal needs Dinosaur and a beer.

But my biggest concern is the hot dogs. Have you ever had a hot dog at Frontier Field? They are bar-none the worst hot dogs I have ever eaten. Ever. And they're small. Tiny. Which is good, because they're so awful, so there is less of them to choke down. I sure hope Alliance Bank Stadium sticks with Hoffmann's.

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