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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Matt Antonelli

Brief update:

The MLB Winter Meetings are over. The Nats lost Brad Meyer in the Rule 5 Draft. They also didn't sign the starter or center fielder for whom they were looking. Rumor has it Bryce Harper will start the season with the Nats, bypassing Triple A altogether.

Dang. I'd like to see him at least once.

In other "news", several weeks ago, I contacted Matt Antonelli, who has an interesting blog, and asked him if he'd answer some questions for me. I'm writing baseball fiction now, and need to know day-in-the-life kind of stuff. Matt graciously agreed to my request. Then life happened to him: he got engaged; he signed with Baltimore; needed his team physical, and so on. He finally answered my list of questions this week. I wasn't worried. He's had a lot on his plate, and he was doing me a huge favor. Great answers. His sense of humor came through very clearly. He's a great guy and he'll be missed in Syracuse for sure.

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