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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where Have All The Players Gone?

The Syracuse Chiefs are going to look a whole lot different in the 2012 season. Inevitable at this level of play, I suppose. After all, the 2011 team was vastly different from the 2010 team.

Here's what's going on:

Manager Randy Knorr has been called up to the Nats as a bench coach.

Jhonatan Solano has been called up to the Nats.

Corey Brown has been outrighted to the Chiefs. I guess we have another season of being snubbed by him. Oh joy.

The Chiefs have signed a new 3B -- Josh Johnson.

And the following have opted for free agency:

  • Jesus Valdez
  • Tug Hulett
  • Jeff Frazier
  • JD Martin
  • Gregor Blanco
  • Garret Mock
  • Seth Bynum
  • Michael Aubrey
  • Matt Antonelli
  • Carlos Maldonado. (My heart is breaking!)
I know that Matt Antonelli has signed with the Baltimore Orioles.Yeah Matt! He also got engaged to his girlfriend Laura over last weekend. Only the best, Matt.

Other favorites from other teams who've also gone the free-agent route: Chase "Mr. Error" Lambin, Jason "J-Botts" Botts, and Valentino "Pistachio" Pascucci. (Admit it, Sandee, Pistachio is one of your favorites).

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