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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Final Home Stand: Game 1

Lehigh Valley came to town, needing two wins. And they got 'em.

Sunday was hot and humid, weatherwise. People kept telling me the game would be rained out. Instead, we had a beautiful night for a ballgame and fireworks.

One of the first things we heard: "Is Lurch calling the game?" Whoever was announcing in the stadium spoke very slowing and had a very deep voice.

Matt Antonelli coached first throughout the game. He didn't acknowledge us until the 4th inning, but a couple of times he did hear us and look around to see who was calling his name.

Antonelli coaching 1st
We also got to see former Chief Pete Orr play.
Pete Orr at the plate
All of the Section 207 gang was there. Sandee & I discussed trying to get a group photo, but Maven is camera shy, and we didn't think he'd go for it.

  • In the third inning, Lombo (2nd) hot-dogged a throw to Fraze (1st), but it wasn't in time. TV Stevie said it looked like Lombo's been watching too much Jeter and Cano.
  • Bottom of the third. Lombo, Hulett, Valdez on base. Fraze fouls out. That other outfielder called out on strikes. Someone behind us kept shouting, "You're kidding! You gotta be kidding!" After about the third refrain of this, TV Stevie responded: "Yeah, he's kidding. He's the Comedian Umpire."
  • Fifth inning: Tug Hulett made a spectacular catch at third base. 
  • Bottom of the fifth: Lombo & Bynum hit line drives. Hulett's line drive sends Lombo home. Then Jesus Valdez, our favorite outfielder, hits a home run! Score: 4-1 Chiefs. A few batters later, Iron Pig manager and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg came out to change pitchers.
Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg
At some point, Josh Barfield, son of former Toronto Blue Jay and New York Yankee Jesse Barfield, 
came into the game.
Josh Barfield
In the seventh inning, there was a pitching change.
Ryan Tatusko had started the game.
Tatusko on the mound
Unfortunately, the next two pitchers blew the lead for us. Then Sandee's favorite pitcher, Josh Wilkie (as in "Josh Wilkie, you ROCK!") came into the game.

New Pitcher
While this was happening, some kid was trying to tell Scooch a knock-knock joke, and the Iron Pigs' third base coach was writing something, using his thigh as a desk. Anthony thought he might be making notes for his  blog.

The Chiefs managed to tie the game, and Zech Zinicola did his best in the 9th, but in the end, the Pigs ruled, 7-4.

  • The Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees may play several home games at Alliance Bank Stadium next season, while PNC Field undergoes renovation.
  • We haven't seen Jim Durkin at a game since he took the fans on a road trip to Boston on August 20.
  • Carlos Maldonado in the dugout. 'Nuff said.
Carlos in the dugout

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