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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn & Winter

As I've written here before, Sandee and I are going to try to keep the blog going in the off-season. I'm shooting for one post per week, probably on Sunday.

I'm still immersed in baseball, but at a higher level. I'm a NY Yankee fan, and my Bombers are doing very well. But so are the Nats, and it makes me wonder if it's just all the Chiefs that were called up in September or if the teams they're playing, like Philly, know they've clinched so aren't playing at 100%, saving themselves for the post-season.

I've also been reading baseball-related books (some of which I'll review during the off-season), and started watching Ken Burns' BASEBALL. I sure hope the library lets me renew the DVD set until I see the entire series.

The First Ladies of Summer wrote in their blog:
Fact: Ashley and I are terrible bloggers.  I've been to three games recently, and blogged about none of them.  There have been a few other events and posts that we never got around to sharing with everyone.  Part of this can be attributed to a condition that Ashley and I have dubbed being "baseball'd out".  Being baseball'd out happens when you've gone to a lot of baseball games during the summer.

Maggie and Ashley? Sandee and I can relate.

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