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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Game Goes On

It appears I missed the annual "Garage Sale" at Alliance Bank Stadium. Never received my e-mail notice about it. Hmmm.

The Chiefs still have ties to the post season, even though Washington is out of it.

How, you ask?

Gregor Blanco on Breast Cancer Awareness Night
July 21, 2011 Alliance Bank Stadium

Former Syracuse Chief (2011 season) Gregor Blanco plays for the San Francisco Giants. In fact, he plays very well for the Giants.

In other news, several 2012 Chiefs are already playing winter ball in South America:

  • Carlos Rivero & Tanner Roark are in Venezuela
  • Zech Zinicola & Hassan Pena are in Mexico
  • Manny Mayorson & Atahualpa Severino are in the Dominican Republic

The game goes on.

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