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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Coolest People In the Stadium

In 2010, Sandee & Anthony and TV Stevie & I obtained our season tickets in Row 1 of Section 207, joining long-time season ticket holders the Maven and XGMan & his wife. As far as we are concerned, these are the best seats in the house. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had to ask photogs to move when Strasburg first came to town to pitch. Or ask people to move out of my seats on a somewhat regular basis.

TV Stevie spent most of the 2009 season moving from here to there, behind the net, behind the dugouts, next to the dugouts (where we sat when the Chromos were younger) in search in the best seats. Section 207. Row 1. No question.

But there was one little, minor problem. Well, not a problem. More of an inconvenience.

If you sit in  Row 2 or higher in any section, you have a drink cup holder.

If you sit in the 1st row of any section, except behind the dugouts, you're on your own.

Row 1 behind dugout after a game.
We discussed going to an auto-supply store in the off-season and trying to find something to rig for ourselves.

But come Opening Day 2011, we hadn't done it.

Then one afternoon in late April, Sandee & Anthony arrived at the stadium all agog. "Look what Anthony found at BB&B!" Sandee brought the packaging so I would know exactly what to look for.

TV Stevie and I went to our BB&B after the game. I couldn't find Sandee's treasure anywhere. I finally asked the store manager, who told me yes, they had them out back. He offered to fetch one for me. "Two," I replied, as TV Stevie whipped out his iPhone to call XGMan.

The next night, more of the Coolest People in the Stadium had someplace to safely stow their beverages.

Maven frequently eyes them in envy. Stadium security suggested we purchase a bunch of them and rent them out to other first row attendees. People inquire if we took them off strollers. Others say, "I need one of those for my lawn mower!" Dave Anthony expects mine to be out and ready for his beverage when he finishes his first in-game spiel.

And this is just one of the many reasons Section 207 seats the Coolest People in the Stadium.

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